Air Conditioning

Visit us today for a super fast A/C Check and let us get your car’s air conditioning system blowing ice cold.  We have the best up to date equipment so we can quickly diagnose all air conditioning problems.  We detect the smallest leaks, replace faulty electrical sensors, and perform complete car a/c system replacements.

Air Conditioning Service
When to Service:
Ideally, yearly, before the weather warms, also when you notice performance beginning to deteriorate


The Service Includes:

  • An in depth inspection of lines and hoses.
Test and record the systems high and low pressure readings
  • Check and record the temperature of the air from the air conditioning vents at maximum cool setting
Refrigerant cleansing; because refrigerants are harmful to the environment, we take special care according to our Environmentally Sustainable Actions Certification Program and use the proper recovery machines to ensure that none of the material escapes during service.

 Your comfort!

Don’t forget the cabin air filter!

Drivers need to be aware that there’s one more thing that isn’t directly related to air conditioning service, but does impact the quality of the air in your vehicle. And that’s your cabin air filter. This filter cleans dust, pollen, pollution and other impurities in the air that comes from the heater and air conditioner. Not all vehicles have one, so ask your Holiday Auto Care service manager to check your cabin air filter at the same time they’re doing your air conditioning service.

Special Considerations:

The Environmental Protection Agency determined that the refrigerant Freon also known as R-12 or CFC-12 was damaging the ozone layer and stopped production of the material. Now R-12 Freon is hard to find and very expensive. Although most vehicles produced before 1995 use R-12 in their air conditioning systems our Technicians can retrofit your vehicle to the new approved R134a. R134a is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. This retrofit is more cost effective than attempting to repair the older systems.

Keeping cool provides another great benefit, when your air conditioner is properly maintained, you will also reduce repair costs for the compressor and all other components. Come by or call 303-758-9222 for an appointment. (Mention this article – as seen on our web site, and get 10% of our $109.00 basic diagnostic fee.)

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